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Having been occupied by the Muslims, Spanish and British throughout the decades, Gibraltar is a treasure trove of culture, traditions and history. Due to its enviable location at the gateway to the Mediterranean, for over 300 years Gibraltar acted as a major British military base, and is still designated as an Overseas Dependant Territory of the United Kingdom. Offering its citizens the advantages of both EU membership and a European standard infrastructure, Gibraltar also benefits from being a low tax jurisdiction, making it an increasingly attractive location for businesses and investors. 

With the number of British forces on the decline over the years, Gibraltar was encouraged to expand into new industries, focusing mainly on financial services, internet gambling, casinos, duty free shopping and tourism. Attracting over 10 million tourists a year Gibraltar has undergone extensive refurbishment, developing new marina’s and leisure facilities, as well as completing the modern Gibraltar International Airport in 2012. Its economic successes were confirmed when it was ranked as the 2nd most prosperous territory within the EU, and the world’s 5th most prosperous nation in the world. With mild winters and long summers, Gibraltar offers its citizens outstanding economic and lifestyle advantages, making it an incredibly desirable living destination. 

Top facts: 

Over 300 days of sunshine per year 

World’s 5th most prosperous nation 

English speaking environment 

Benefits from EU membership

Exempt from CAP, VAT and Customs Union, and no inheritance tax