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Conceived with sustainable design at its heart, the proposed EuroCity residential and shopping complex was designed by Jonathan Manser and his team from the award winning Manser Practice of Architects, providing a quality development at the heart of Gibraltar’s central business district.

Situated between Europort Avenue and Europort Road on an existing reclaimed area designated for development, the scheme consists of three lozenge-shaped towers springing from a stepped two storey garden podium concealing extensive above ground car parking and commercial space at street level. The £100 million project will provide over 367 new private sector homes, office space, a health spa, gym, two pools as well as a launderette, coffee bars and restaurants. Retail and shopping units lining the towers at street level will serve both residents and visitors. Addressing the requirement for increased parking facilities, EuroCity will include parking for 379 cars as well as significant motorcycle bays. One of the key objectives for the project is to create exceptional pedestrian friendly public spaces in and around the buildings. To achieve this the architects have borrowed from the language of North-African cities to carve a network of open organic alleyways punctuated with cooling, shaded, courtyards that echo the labyrinthine feel of the old city.

The overall effect will create communal spaces with curvaceous free flowing, airy routes linking the leisure, office and residential areas enabling easy access for the public, elderly and wheelchair users, all within a public green garden zone. The podium levels above the car park will also become private residents’ gardens with lush planting, ensuring a contemporary and eco-friendly development.

In short – Eurocity aspires to be a revolutionary development for Gibraltar, combining elements of style, architecture and sustainability in a way the country has never seen before. Providing luxurious accommodation at affordable prices, this complex aims to be a destination for families, business people and individuals alike, where all demands are met and catered for.

Eurocity – Excellence by Design.